Qualifications: BA LLB (Stell), LLM (Rau), H Dip Tax (Wits)

Cellphone: 082 490 1932  


Mr. JRG Polson practises, banking, financial, tax and mining law and has extensive experience in the curatorship of banks, such as Saamboubank, Regional Bank, New Republic Bank, African Bank and various “Ponzi” schemes. He advises, an array of important role players in the South African business arena. He has over forty years of experience in the regulation of professions such as attorneys, doctors, engineers, pharmacists, educators and the medical profession. He has advised these professions and conducted their professional disciplinary enquiries.


Mr. Graeme Polson’s wide range of professional preferences include practice areas such as commercial litigation, mining and mineral law, tax law, employee benefits law and international trade law.


Mr. Graeme Polson, obtained his BaccalaureusArtium and Baccalaureus Legum from theUniversity of Stellenbosch in 1968. He became a partner at Rooth & Wessels Inc. in 1973. He continued his formal education at the Rand Afrikaans University (now the University of Johannesburg) and University of the Witwatersrand respectively, where he graduated with postgraduate degrees (Magister Legum Banking and Stock Exchange Law) and a Higher Diploma in Tax Law.


Mr. Graeme Polson, has been practising for the last forty six years. He has been appointed, the curator of a collective investment scheme. He is often requested to act, as Acting Judge of the High Court of South Africa. He has been involved in numerous litigious matters, most notably the attempted takeover of Standard Bank by Nedbank, as well as matters in the Supreme Court of Appeal relating to tax law and ordinary commercial and company law matters. His most recent practice consists and focuses on, mining and mineral law, particularly the conflict between property law and that of the mineral rights holder, as well as the protection of property rights, by application of the Constitution of South Africa. He is an experienced lecturer on contract and international law, particularly letters of credit and international payment systems.


Qualifications: B Comm (Law) Hons (Economics) (UP), LLB (Unisa)

Cellphone: 072 436 0047  


Mr. Jean Polson, has an energetic and a hands-on approach to resolving client matters. He specialises in commercial law and litigation, employee benefits law and recently advises, distressed pension funds on rectification of their business. He often advises, entrepreneurs in their endeavours. He is equally passionate in advising small, medium and micro-enterprises on good business practices which minimises their legal risk.


Mr. Jean Polson was admitted as an attorney over ten years ago after completing his Bachelor of Laws degree which resulted in a successful career as a commercial litigation attorney. He also holds an honours degree in economics and majored in financial management and accounting. This complements, his analytic ability, an inevitable skill when it comes to understanding his client’s commercial and business activities.

Mr. Jean Polson, has a keen interest in, and often advises on, the law of contract, international business law, entrepreneurial law and e-commerce and cyberlaw.

Conveyancer | Notary Public

Qualifications: LLB (UP) (AIPSA)

Cellphone: 083 294 7819


Ms. Jeanette Bodemer, is a qualified attorney, conveyancer and notary Public. She was admitted as an attorney in February 2006, as conveyancer and notary Public in 2007 at the Law Society of the Northern Provinces.


Ms. Bodemer, received her Baccalaureus Legum in 2004, at the University of Pretoria. She further received a Diploma in Insolvency Law in 2005. She saw an opportunity in debt counseling under the new Credit Act and completed her studies in this field with success. Ms. Bodemer, is also an experienced conveyancer. 


Ms. Bodemer, is also an experienced conveyancer. She specialises in property law, she manages, numerous transfers of property on a daily basis.

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