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Polson Law Practice is a boutique law firm based in Pretoria, specializing in commercial litigation and the recovery of assets for distressed financial institutions and corporate entities. The firm is growing from strength to strength, under the guidance, direction, and support of Mr. John Roderick Graeme Polson, the firm’s senior partner. Our practitioners have niche expertise in advising distressed financial institutions, banks, mines, corporates, and commercial farmers. Our lawyers are well-versed in all fields of litigation and dispute resolution, through mediation and arbitration in South Africa and abroad.


We believe in the application of legal principles without fear or favour. We cherish our independence and transparent legal practice when advising our local and international clients; and clients who are starting a new business in South Africa.

We as a firm believe in:

  • Respect for the rights of the individual against the backdrop of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa;

  • Dedication to our duty as officers of the Court

  • The respect for our tradition as lawyers;

  • High Standards of Profession;

  • Ethical conduct in all spheres of life;

  • The building of a South African commercial community by creating and upholding the legal matrix which affords every meritorial individual the opportunity of improving himself/herself / itself by actively participating in the South African and international commercial markets;

Polson Law finds importance in implementing traditional values in their day-to-day operations. Traditional ethical practices are what built the foundation of culture in practicing law and our boutique law firm would like to uphold those values, with the purpose that “your word is as good as a handshake” will still be held as ethical. Polson Law Practice takes respecting colleagues seriously; we seize any opportunity to assist and guide junior colleagues, attend court meetings and always ensure that we are respecting the court’s decorum.

With the changes occurring around the world, it has been immensely challenging with the state of the economy due to the negative effects of COVID-19. Many businesses, and individuals starting a new business in South Africa, are now contemplating their fate on how to operate in terms of their contractual obligations. Polson prides itself on always adapting to new challenges and assisting clients that need legal advice on how to operate during this time.


Polson Law believes in research and using technology to assist and trust in first principles. We are grounded in tradition and focused on leading-edge innovation through the use of technology. We have now constantly made use of apps such as Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp Calls and are constantly finding new ways to communicate with clients without seeing them in person. We have made it possible for clients who are not near our firm in Pretoria and need legal activities to be completed in court through Polson Law Practice. This was achieved in a few hours through the advancement of technology that has given us the advantage of saving time, money, and expenses, having quick turnarounds, and overall benefitting both the firm and client. Had this been 20 years ago, it could not have been done within a few hours with the ease that has been achieved.

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