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Okavango Delta under threat

Updated: May 18

A Canadian company has obtained the right to explore the area adjacent to the Okavango delta for oil using the fracking method. The countries who stand to benefit is Namibia, Botswana and Angola, who already has oil reserves.

The exploration and mining of the oil will lead to a pollution of the underground water, resulting in the destruction of one of the worlds pristine heritage sites leading to a loss of tourism as well as the increase of temperature through the drying of the soil as well as an increase of the carbon footprint. environmental lawyers must keep an eagle eye out for the progress of this event.

The SADEC countries or even the African Union should not allow the exploitation of our natural heritage of such a fashion by money hungry foreigners who are strictly regulated in their own countries and in Europe to exploit Africa. The financial gain for the adjacent countries will be short lived but the permanent future loss in tourism and foreign currency will be forever.

Okavango Delta Under Threat
Image Credit: Tour Radar (2021)

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Author: Graeme Polson (Attorney) – January 2021

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